main vein

Here we have a collection playlists meant to fit most occasions. Give them a listen!

[As Heard From The Rooftop] Versatility like your favorite walshing machine. Fitting for anytime anywhere.

[Boombox Down The Block] The rap/hip-hop chop shop heard from down the block.

[Concrete Walls. No furniture.] Foreground music that moves you inside your bones or outside the door. No sitting allowed.

[Electric Sun] Low to mid tempo high energy based. Indoor or outdoor. No ego involved.

[Oldies and Goodies & Int’l] The classics from all around. The stuff that the radio rarely played and the baby boomers didn’t catch while they were in law school.

[Salad Days] Screw Mac Demarco, this name fits just fine.

[Trippin’] Really nice technical stuff to bring you in as far as you can go out. Probably good for concentration without loss of introspection.

[Vocal Oh] Sweet, sweet pipes.

[Wind Down to Start Again] In between a podcast and a hard place.